Fundraising Events

Why do we need to fundraise? …in a nutshell

All New Zealand public schools are funded by the Ministry of Education for teachers, buildings and their overheads.  Each school is allocated a decile rating based upon the average incomes of residents in its school zone. Extra funding is given to the school for extra resources per child based upon this.

On a scale of 1-10, Ohoka is rated a decile 10 school. This means that though the government will provide all necessary teaching (based upon student numbers) and buildings to Ohoka School, it provides $0 in extra funding per child. (A decile 1 school receives $779.00 per child).  All extras must be paid for by fundraising through grants and other means. 

Ohoka School prides itself on providing the best possible education for our children, and would like to provide all of the resources necessary to make this happen. In order to have ‘extras’ like playgrounds, library books, music and art teachers, sporting equipment, art supplies, games, computers, laptops, smart boards, and other things Rob, the teachers and the parents would like, we must fundraise. The PTA does try to have fewer, bigger fundraisers rather than many smaller ones, to lessen the impact on our community.  We have developed our fundraising into some of the most lucrative and fun to attend (!) in the area, and have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for our school in the past decade (and that’s not even counting the recent grant endowments!).

All funds raised go back to the children of Ohoka School.

If you would like to become involved in our fundraising, or have ideas of ways to raise more for our school, please contact your PTA class representative, or any PTA member.  And please come and lend a hand when the call goes out for volunteers.  It’s a lot of fun to be involved, and you’ll be glad you did! 

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PTA Funds - Where does all of the money go?! 
All of the money raised by the PTA and its fundraisers goes to resources for the children of Ohoka School.  In the past ten years, the PTA has donated large sums of money toward the building and development of our ILC (library) and more recently, more than $35,000 toward our new School and Community Hall. 
On average, over the past 5 years, the PTA has raised and donated nearly $60,000 each year to the school.   The funds provide support for major projects as part of the Strategic and Annual planning.  Along with this the PTA support everyday items applied for to help enhance the education of the our students, including an annual donation to support the library and support for school productions.  Other items purchased for the school have included: 
  • Musical instruments
  • Digital Technology items such as iPads or Laptops, and a school server
  • Indoor play games
  • Atlases and other resources such as Junior or Senior Reading support material
  • Physical education and sports equipment
  • Shade sails for the playgrounds
  • Sunblock cream for each classroom
  • Kapa Haka Uniforms
  • Team sport uniforms
  • Funding for year 8s to attend a youth leaders conference
  • Maths equipment

The PTA could not achieve all that it does without the dedication and enthusiasm of our committee and the support and involvement of all of the parents, teachers and staff at Ohoka School.  So thank you for your help and support!