Ōhoka School is a co-educational State Primary School in the small rural community of Ōhoka, 20km north of Christchurch. 

Our vision for the school is 'The Ultimate Learning Experience'  which articulates very clearly what we are striving for, for our students. 

At Ōhoka School our strategic goals for the future are to develop: 
  • Future-Focused Student-Centred Learning Through the COOL Characteristics
  • Embed and Live our Core Values - Respect, Responsibility, and Resilience
  • Proudly Connecting with Our Community
  • Connected Physical Environment
Our school encourages a family-friendly atmosphere. The importance of all members of our school community taking responsibility for their own actions, showing respect at all times is recognised as a priority; as is the importance of building resilience which has been shown to be a key skill to lifelong success. 

We encourage our older students to show caring in various ways by buddying them up with younger students through our 'buddy' class system.  We build leadership in our seniors by giving them many opportunities such as becoming House Captains or Head students and to take on various responsibilities across the school.

A wide range of outside agencies supports the school and our education programmes. These include the Public Health Nurse, School Dental Therapist Service, Community Constable, and other advisory services including Audio Visual testers and a Curriculum Advisory Service. 

Please make an appointment so you can come and a look around our lovely learning environment.

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