Home Learning (Homework)

At Ōhoka School, we run a home learning programme called COOL Home Learning.   Students are given the opportunity to work on and present home learning projects at end of term Learning Expos, and can earn badges at the end of the year.  The projects give students an opportunity to practice and imbed all of their learning from school.  The Key Competencies of Critical Thinking, Communication, Relating to others, Managing self, Using Language Symbols and texts and participating and contributing are all strengthened by taking part in this programme.  

 Research shows that this type of Home Learning is powerful and effective as opposed to more traditional types of 'homework'.

Our students love doing these projects and often complete them with a neighbour, a parent or grandparent.  This is a cool time for students to learn new skills, share good times and make memories with others outside of school.  We have seen some wonderful projects that range from the student making a meal for their family to building a go cart.  They are always popular and fun to look at and experience.

Parents are always invited to our end of term Learning Expos.