Positive Behaviour for Learning Programme (PB4L)

Ōhoka School is part of the Positive Behaviour for Learning Programme (PB4L) led by the Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour.  Most schools  in North Canterbury are trained in this programme.

We want all of our students to enjoy and feel cared about at school.  PB4L helps with this as it gives all students strategies to work together in a caring and supported way.

PB4L helps students learn social skills and to manage themselves.  Just as some students need support with their Mathematics learning, some with reading, some with Physical Education, some also need help with their Social Skills and Self Management.  This programme also ensures that those students who need extra help receive it while keeping all safe and happy.

Our whole school follows our School Expectations which are framed around our Values of 3R's (Respect, Responsibility and Resilience).  These Expectations are supported by our Restorative Koru and a supportive class based programme that includes regular Circle Time, and surveys to gather student voice.

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