Emergency Procedures

In the event of extreme weather events or other events causing school closure, the school will do our very best to make a decision as soon as possible and attempt to notify parents by all means possible. 

Please note and consider the following carefully:
  • The school must close in the case of power outages, and is likely to be closed in cases of severe flooding. Other extreme weather events such as snowfall or ice that make it dangerous for staff and students to travel on roads will also mean probable school closure.
  • In the event of an emergency causing school closure, radio stations and the school website will be notified first, so please listen to radio stations (More Fm, Newstalk ZB or The Breeze) and/or contact friends to get messages off the school website asap if your internet is down.
  • Texts are sent out by the school to alert parents and staff of closures, but may not always work due to fluctuations in cell phone services.
  • These alerts are also sent by email, however please note that the internet may crash or not work efficiently.
  • Please don’t allow your children to go to school (or drop them off) until you are sure it is open.
  • If you need to travel to work early, please arrange for your child to be supervised by a friend or family member, until you have heard that the school is definitely open.
  • Staff are not available to supervise until 8.30am each morning, students should not be at school before this time.
  • Careful decisions are made as soon as possible before 8.30am if there is an event that may cause school closure, however this will not always be possible due to the timings of these events.
  • Different protocols are followed to ensure supervision of students if the school is closed after this time.
  • Please keep in mind that staff are also affected by these events and have to manage their own homes and families.
Whilst we realise that school closures are inconvenient at times for families,  we appreciate our communities support if and when these occur.