Sport and Event Centre Bookings

Our Sports and Events Centre is equipped with many modern items available for use by the public on hiring.
To see inside the centre, please click on the Media gallery on the right. All images courtesy of Aaron Campbell Photography.

Download and print the form. Return to the Ohoka School office for processing.
Upon booking the Ohoka School Sport and Events Centre
 you agree that all users of the facility will comply with the Terms of Use.  Failure to do so may result in loss of bond and/or inability to hire/use the facility in the future. 

If you have any queries outside of school hours, please contact:
1. Barb Lucas- S/E Centre Manager  021 043 5717
2. Steph Cotton - S/E Centre Administrator (manages all bookings) 

Hall Facilities for Sports
  • 32m x 19m Sprung T&G Sports Floor
  • Line marking for; Basketball, Netball, Indoor Soccer, Volleyball and 4 x Badminton courts

  • Two FIBA Backboards – Wall mounted
  • Electronic Scoreboard with remote control

  •  Two fixed height Netball Posts

  • Five telescopic Combination posts
  • Four Premium Badminton nets

Indoor Soccer
  •  One pair Indoor Soccer Goals with nets

  • Currently for Tea and Coffee making only

Facilities for Performing Arts

  • 8m wide by 5m deep stage

  •     Jester Zero 88 lighting console
  •     2 x Selecon LED Front of House Wash spots
  •     Above stage lighting grid
  •     Separate Dimmer Room and Control booth

  • Left, Centre, Right state of the art Yamaha Audio System.

  • Fixed Short Throw projector onto back of stage

  • Fixed seating for approx 150 people
  • Movable seating for approx 250 people
  • The picture above shows seating for 400 people

Disabled Lift           
  • One mobile disabled lift for the use of the general public

Media Gallery

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Hall for Performing Arts
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Hall for Sports
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